Don’t send that e-mail — yet! (new e-book)

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Many factors are eroding the boundaries between work time and the many other times that make up a meaningful, fulfilling and fun life. Global workforces on duty 24/7, mobile devices that allow work to happen any time and anywhere, and increasing demands to catch up or keep up all contribute to folks all over the developed world working more and being busier. One of the biggest threats to that mythical being called work-life balance, however, is e-mail.

Why you should send that email later

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In the past, I have bemoaned the death of the weekend, and I have said that its untimely demise is, in part, our own fault. If we weren’t always sending, reading and replying to emails when we need to be off the clock, we wouldn’t be — ahem — sending the message that our time is infinite and worthless. I’m going to take a departure from my usual tone in these next couple posts to give you some very practical and concrete advice about how to handle this problem. Everyone talks about the power of “now,” but I’m going to […]