The Second Discipline of Work-Life Balance

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If you’re trying to integrate your work with a meaningful, fun, and fulfilling life, you know that managing your time is one of the keys to success. But if you’re like most of us, you’re not actually managing your time well. This series of articles gives you a system to fix that, so you can focus on what’s most important.

Work-Life Balance and the Myth of Working Less

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Last week, a friend of mine drew my attention to an article entitled, “The Cities with the Best Work Life Balance.” As your humble guide through the weird world of work-life balance, I like to vet these articles to determine if there’s anything you and I can learn from them. In this case, there’s definitely something for us to learn. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s what the authors intended.

4 Disciplines of Work-Life Balance

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If you’re struggling with work-life balance, you know that one of the most frustrating feelings is knowing you’re not getting everything done. Your to-do list just seems to keep getting longer, and the things you really want to do are getting no attention at all. You know how it goes. There’s something wildly important you need to do, but you just never seem to get to it. Whether it’s starting a new business, plotting your next career move, or planning a vacation, the most important dragon you want to slay just keeps getting pushed aside by all those annoying gnats of urgency. […]

Career-Loving Parents: What’s Your Work-Life Style?

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The path from being a guilt-ridden “working parent” to being a fulfilled career-loving parent isn’t an easy one. It requires getting really clear about your values, about your goals, about what’s truly important to you. And that’s just the beginning. But, as we’ve discussed before (see What’s your work-life style?), a key step is simply understanding yourself. After all, work-life balance (or better yet, work-life balancing) means different things to different people, and how will you know if you’ve got it if you don’t know what it is?

How to Get More — and Better — Vacation Time (interview)

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If you live in the United States, odds are that you don’t take all the vacation time allotted by your employer. Worse than that, when you do take a vacation, odds are that you’re working, at least a little bit, during that paid time off. A 2012 study by online travel company Expedia and Harris Interactive showed that U.S. workers left about 10% of their vacation days unused (compared to about 2% of the rest of the world), while 45% of them checked work-related email or voice mail while on vacation. I recently spoke with vacation expert Scott Petoff of […]

Working Parent or Career-Loving Parent?

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Estimated reading time: The dynamics of work and family have shifted dramatically in my lifetime. Today, more parents than ever juggle jobs and family responsibilities. For most, this is an economic necessity, a by-product of a rising cost of living and stagnant wages*. And for many — especially those who actually enjoy their work — this juggling act is an almost constant source of guilt. When we’re at work, we feel guilty for the time away from our families. When we’re with our families, we feel guilty for what we’re not getting done at work.

Does Your Work Excite You?

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Estimated reading time: One of the most overlooked keys to work-life balance is the work itself. Work that engages the mind, feeds the heart, and fuels the soul is much easier to integrate into a meaningful, fun, and fulfilling life. Unfortunately, research suggests that many of us are not doing work that excites us, and this is working against our desire keep our heads and our hearts while keeping our jobs.

Holidays are a great time to focus on work-life balance

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At this time of year in much of the world, even the most work-devoted of us turn our attention to friends, family, and frivolity. We start figuring out how to maximize our paid holidays and spend our remaining floating holidays so that we can spend as much time as possible with our loved ones and as little time as possible at work. Of course, this strategy only works for a couple weeks — then it’s back to normal, and we need a new strategy for work-life balance.