• BoulderiteBill

    There are some interesting conversations in progress sparked by Daylight Savings Time. See http://gizmodo.com/5892438/why-daylight-saving-time-is-pointless – great debate in the comments! On the one side, detractors point out the havoc that changing our clocks wreaks, while supporters note the joy brought on by access to additional daylight hours in the evening. Both positions stir up an odd, disquieting, melancholic emotion in me. Obviously the amount of available sunshine is a constant, and it’s our rigid schedules that impact our ability to consume it. Schedules that are so rigid that the arbitrary act of changing our clocks does, indeed, wreak havoc.

    This discussion puts an interesting light (yep, intended) on your mission to shift the conversation from Balance to Harmony. How sad to feel the need to change our clocks to increase the minutes we spend in the sun. How sad to feel trapped in someone else’s schedule, without the ability to work when we feel productive, rest when we are tired, and feel the sun warm our skin whenever we want.

    How very, very sad.

    That is all.


    • Eryc Eyl

      Sad indeed, Bill. Instead of following the rhythm that would be most productive for each of us, we use alarm clocks, caffeine, and constant sleep deprivation to “power through” — ending up with less power, in the end. You might be interested in Tony Schwartz’s book, The Power of Full Engagement. Using his work with athletes as a guide, he helps folks establish a productive cycle of stress and renewal that leads to happier lives and better results.

  • WarriorPrince

    Eryc, I am trying to email you, but I click on the Email me, and it doesn’t work. My email is gomuller@gmail.com.

    Aso, where do I buy your mashUp book?

    • Sorry about that! We’re in the midst of revamping the website and might’ve broken a thing (or two). Feel free to email me at ERYC AT ERYC EYL DOT COM. I look forward to hearing from you!