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Photo by Michael Ensminger
Photo by Michael Ensminger

I help working folks integrate their work with a meaningful, fun, and fulfilling life, so they can achieve more in all areas, and keep their heads and their hearts — while keeping their jobs.

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If you’re still reading, I have a confession to make: I was fired from my first job.

Since then, two decades of success and happiness in the corporate world have taught me a lot about corporate survival — integrating work with a meaningful, fun, and fulfilling life.

For the past several years – from managing training and development for a division of General Electric to leading change management (including acquisition integration) for Level 3, a large telecommunications company, and planting the seeds of a structured change management practice at OtterBox, a rapidly growing consumer goods company – I have continually focused on the human experience of work.

As part of my corporate survival strategy, I have invented most of the 15 jobs I have held in corporations.

Just like you, I’m more than just one thing. I’m an organizational effectiveness consultant, certified Six Sigma Black Belt, change management expert, writer, journalist, DJ, husband, father, son, brother and friend from the glorious state of Colorado.

Most corporate survival advice focuses on how to climb the ladder or how to jump off it. My mission, on the other hand,  is to inspire and instruct folks to integrate work with a rich, meaningful and fulfilling life, and to help organizations develop and support employees who are dynamic, productive and whole. Unflinchingly focused on the human aspects of career and business success – and unapologetically weird – I write, speak, coach and consult to help individuals and organizations develop strategies for navigating the seas of change successfully and happily.

I’d love to know what you think of this site. Leave a comment on my blog (and subscribe, if you haven’t already). Shoot me an email. Follow me on Twitter. Whatever you’re into. I’d love to hear from you.

Until we meet again, even though it feels impossible sometimes, keep your head and your heart while keeping your job. If I can ever be of service, give me a shout.


Human Synergistics Accredited Organizational Culture and Effectiveness Practitioner


    Hi, I’m new at your site. I found it, when I was searching something about organizational culture and OCAI, because I need different literature for my degree with the title: OC in the one of the bank.
    Your site helps me and there is a lot of interesting information.

    Best regards from Slovenia!

    • Eryc Eyl

      I’m happy that you were able to find useful information here, Tea. Welcome!