Work-Life Balance: A New Year’s Resolution You Can Keep in 2017

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From working parent to career-loving parent with better work-life balance
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Well, it’s that time of year again, when we start contemplating that tradition known as the New Year’s resolution. With the best of intentions, folks will soon vow to eat better, to exercise more, to be nicer, to lose weight, and to quit smoking. Unfortunately, about 92% of those resolutions will fail.

While there are as many reasons for New Year’s resolution failure as there are people who make those resolutions, I believe the top reasons for failure can be boiled down to just two:

  1. The New Year’s resolution isn’t specific enough.
  2. The New Year’s resolution lacks a plan.

But it isn’t all bad news. My resolution — right here and right now — is to help you achieve your resolution, especially if your resolution looks anything like these:

  • To spend more quality time with family
  • To get that raise or promotion at work
  • To be a better friend
  • To connect more with a spouse or significant other
  • To better balance work and family
  • To succeed as both a professional and a parent

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For many working parents, work-life balance is all about guilt, compromise, and more guilt. I know how it is. You feel guilty when you’re at work, thinking you should be with your families. You feel guilty when you’re with your family, thinking about all the work you aren’t getting done. And sometimes, when you’re with your family, you feel guilty because you’d rather be working. And all that’s to say nothing of the guilt you feel for dividing your time and attention between work and family, leaving little of either for your relationship with your spouse or significant other.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can simultaneously love your family, love your spouse, love your job, and love your life. You can resolve to trade the guilt-riddled life of the working parent for the wellbeing and success of a career-loving parent. What will you need to make that shift and keep that New Year’s resolution? As it turns out, just two things:

  1. Greater specificity about what your resolution is
  2. A clear plan for accomplishing that resolution

In 2017, I’ll be launching a beta version of my online coaching program to help working parents improve work-life balance, and this is the first time I’m telling anyone about it. It’ll be focused squarely on helping you get specific about work-life balance means to you, and then putting together a concrete plan to help you get there.

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Because this is the beta of the program, I’ll be offering significant discounts to those who want to join me on the maiden voyage, so if work-life balance is in your New Year’s resolution, sign up now to find out more. I look forward to helping you keep this year’s resolution!